Wednesday 22 July 2009

Where has the money gone, then?

14st 11lb, zero units. This morning I drove into my borrowed office for the last time in my convertible, intending to part-exchange it for Mrs H’s new car this afternoon. No sooner had I arrived than I received a telephone call from the Audi dealer to say that the funds to pay for the new car had not arrived in their bank account (which is odd, since they disappeared from mine yesterday) and asking whether I could cancel my cheque and wire them payment instead. I responded, in a surprisingly relaxed sort of way, that it would surely be easier to wait another day for it to clear, since the process should only take three days at most. He agreed, adding that he was “on a course” tomorrow but would be in touch when he was returned to work on Friday. Then I rang the estate agent to say that we would very much like to rent the house we viewed with him last night. He promised to e-mail me the necessary application form. What could possibly go wrong?

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