Sunday 26 July 2009

More anti-social behaviour

14st 13lb, 11.7 units. In the absence of The Baby I slept without earplugs for the first time in weeks, and slept well. Indeed, I was only finally dragged out of bed at 9.35 by a loud banging on the front door which proved to be caused by a perennially angry neighbour delivering a parcel for us that had been misaddressed, and which an old lady had been “right up and down the street” trying to deliver yesterday. This was, apparently, our fault.

The signal from our new wireless router, which had caused problems all day yesterday, was strong and clear when we got back from the restaurant last night and remained so all day today, strongly suggesting that the original problem was, as I always suspected, a fault on the BT line: the existence of which they vehemently denied, but have now quietly fixed. I was tempted to plug the original router back in to test this theory, but Mrs H urged me not to do so as it would be the path to insanity. As usual, I felt sure she was right.

We took the dog for a walk by the river and a little bald, bespectacled man who reminded me of Norris Cole in Coronation Street allowed his Labrador-based black mongrel to bound up to us and seriously unsettle The Dog, even though I shouted such universally recognized canine commands as “No!” and “F*ck off!” among other things. When the owner offered no apology at all as he passed us, I relieved my feelings by shouting “Wanker!” at the top of my voice, which Mrs H assured me at least made him turn around. And, one hopes, reflect upon his behaviour.

Or perhaps, of course, on mine.

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