Monday 8 February 2010

Proper poorly

15st 5lb, 4.5 units. My goodness I feel poorly. Sore throat, blocked nose, aching limbs. It just keeps getting worse. So this is the illness from which Mrs H started really suffering when we were in London last week, and which she picked up from The Baby. But then I thought that she had given it to The Baby after I gave it to her, having picked it up in Northumberland immediately before Christmas. Surely if it is coming back to have a second crack at me I should have built up some immunity by now? But Mrs H has a theory that it is, in fact, another respiratory infection, picked up by The Baby when she foolishly set him down next to an infant with a runny nose, on her recent tour of potentially suitable nurseries in the Chester area.

Given the Strict Blame Culture operating in our household, it is of course of supreme importance to establish exactly where any germs originated. I can sense that this may become a bit of a challenge when nurseries and schools do become involved in our lives. I wonder whether it will be enough to overcome my fierce and rigid objections to DNA testing?

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