Sunday 29 August 2010

My Dad

15st 6lb, 6.0 units. It would be lovely to think that I have lost five pounds in a day; but in fact I have merely weighed myself on another set of scales, in another house, which consistently make me 4lb lighter than the ones I use in Northumberland. Alongside these flattering scales of mine is an electronic model used by Mrs H, which consistently makes me 7lb heavier than my old-fashioned mechanical ones. I don’t often resort to it for a second opinion, to be honest.

When I got back to Cheshire yesterday afternoon, after four nights away and a tiring drive from the North East (I saw the immediate aftermath of one accident on the northbound M6, and the sat nav diverted me onto A-roads for some time to skirt around another) The Boy (14 months old) beamed at me and said “Dadda” as soon as I walked through the front door. Then he toddled off and crawled upstairs (something I had no idea he could accomplish unaided) with me following close behind in case of slippages, walked into his bedroom, pulled a slimmish volume out of his little bookcase and handed it to me. It was called My Dad. I had not the slightest clue he possessed it, and still cannot work out whether or not its selection was a lucky fluke. But it certainly gave me a warm glow (and not the disconcertingly damp sort that men of my age have to start worrying about). As did going out to an extended lunch with Mrs H’s extended family today, at which The Boy circulated, shaking hands with all and then extending his arm to point out “Dadda” with apparent pride.

He will learn, no doubt. But it’s nice while it lasts.

I wonder what my mother, who would have been 101 today, would have made of her only grandson?

Formula 1 driver training ...
... followed by a spot of football practice

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CC said...

Bless his heart. Charlie is growing uo so fast. He's adorable and judging by his Pa's
descriptions, very clever and a budding diplomat. Great fun.