Friday 2 April 2010

The Mad Good Friday

15st 8lb, 3.3 units. I went mad today. Not for the first time, I must admit, though it would be nice to think it might be for the last. Mrs H and I had been invited out to “brunch”, which is an alien concept to me, and perhaps it was just the uncharacteristically low level of my blood sugar by 11.20 a.m. that caused the Red Mist rise up as we walked through our hosts’ door and made it imperative for me to leave without so much as a “Hello how lovely to see you I must be off”. I left Mrs H and The Baby behind and made my way home as fast as I could, given that every road in mid-Northumberland seemed to be infested with racing cyclists.

As a result of going mad, I deprived myself of the chance to witness The Baby’s first introduction to a swing, in the kiddies’ play area at Wallington Hall. He looked adorable in the resulting pictures.

My madness meant I missed all this -
which served me right
but made me even madder
But, then again, Mrs H was spared my speech about how much I detest the National Trust, which I always feel compelled to deliver when, instead of just accepting the outrageous price of admission to their properties, they deliver their inevitable speech about the benefits of becoming a member and / or “Gift Aiding” my entry fee. So perhaps it was all for the best, really.


CC said...

Hope you are much improved.
Your boy is beyond adorable. What
a bright little face. He must bring you
great delight.

Keith Hann said...

"Beyond adorable", eh? You are too kind. I have passed on your comments, but luckily his vocabulary is pretty much limited to "Mamma", "Dadda" and "Og" (he can't manage "Dog" for some reason) so I don't think there is any danger that they will have gone to his head.

As for me, my mental condition seems to be improving, but my apparently endless chest infection shows no sign of loosening its grip. If only I could wave farewell to the Phlegm Fairy ...

CC said...

Seen an MD (or whatever you call them, Quack?"
Your wife's got her "Hanns" full. ;-)