Tuesday 11 August 2009

No nay never

If you have looked up this page in the hope of reading the latest instalment of my blog, it seems only fair to tell you right away that this isn't it. In fact, I am posting this to let you know I don't think you are likely to be reading any more instalments, ever.

Last week I felt obliged to delete an entry from this blog, for the first time ever, after receiving an extremely abusive complaint. Both Mrs H and I had read the entry concerned before I posted it, and we re-read it again when the complaint arrived, and could not see anything particularly objectionable about it. Clearly we both have profoundly defective judgement, but then you could probably have deduced that from the fact that we ended up married to each other.

The net result has been to convince me that writing the thing is more trouble than it is worth. I have only kept it up for as long as I have done because it did so much to convince my wife to meet me in the first place, and because she continued to enjoy it. Now we will share our inappropriate sense of humour somewhere a little more private.

I have toyed with the idea of deleting the whole blog, but have decided to leave it in place for now. Mainly in the sure and certain knowledge that it will long remain a lasting source of disappointment to the many people who have arrived on its pages by Googling information about Northumberland dogging sites.

Thank you and goodbye.


Ian said...

Well that's a bl**dy shame. You've given me loads of laughs over the past year or so and now you've come over all curmudgeonly and pi**ed off.
The campaign for the return of Bloke in the North starts here!

Summers Scene said...


Really sorry to read this as it was your blog that was the inspiration for my own travel blog.

Hopefully you will re-consider.